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PearyDigiArts is the team behind the Numbed Duck NFT project, which debuted on OpenSea in the summer of 2021. The Numbed duck project comprises 999 unique collectibles with varying rarity and appearance. Therefore, each owner can identify their duck and back it up with proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. PearyDigiArts publicized their debut project enough before launch. As a result, the ultra-rare duck token, Numbed Duck 90, sold out a few minutes after the first batch of ducks became available for purchase on OpenSea. NFT token holders in the Numbed Duck project can participate in NFT claims, raffles, and community giveaways.

The project also allows members to reproduce their ducks on merchandise and apparel. Part of the giveaways in the project includes free merchandise for holders of unique and rare numbed duck NFTs. PearyDigiArts dropped ducks #171 to #180 to test how the market would receive the project. Following a successful auction that saw the ducks sell out in a few days, the second drop followed a few days later with Stage 2 pricing. Updates about the latest developments from PearyDigiArts are posted on the Numbed duck discord server.

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