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Larisa Murariu, popularly known as Morysetta, is a self-taught artist from Romania. She is well-known for experimenting with different mediums and ideas. She gets inspiration from her ability to bring people’s thoughts and concepts to life through art. Before venturing into digital art, she learned different crafts, one of which included binding books. During this time, she decided to build a career out of her passion. She started making custom cover art for her notebooks. The satisfaction derived from the project made her yearn to create more, and that is how she started doing collages. Morysetta draws inspiration from events in her daily life, including songs and movies.

Her biggest career highlight includes being featured in an exhibition where her dad was part of the audience. The artist ventured into NFTs in the spring of 2021 with a debut drop on Crypto.com titled “Collage Mirage”. Her second drop came in the following summer on the same platform and was titled “Escapism”.

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Morysetta's past NFT Drops

  • On April 12, Larisa Murariu aka Morysetta is releasing the ‘Collage Mirage’ NFT collection on Crypto.com.

    Morysetta is a self-taught versatile artist that draws inspiration from...

  • On August 2nd, digital collage artist Morysetta returns to Crypto.com with a new NFT Collection. Titled ‘ESCAPISM’, it has the following slogan: “Don’t underestimate your mind: it can always travel...

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