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Jose N. Silva

Jose N. Silva is a photographer born in Caracas, Venezuela, and is currently based in New York, United States. He worked as a high school teacher in the early days after completing his language arts and philosophy program. Later, Jose shifted to photography and assumed a role of a full-time photographer. He once realized that taking pictures is a good way for keeping moments as he has a terrible memory and somehow needs to save his recollections. 

Jose is fond of capturing diverse scenes of lively city streets and other intimate moments that reveal a city dweller’s life. His photographs have caught the attention of lots of major brands like Amazon, Spotify, AT&T, Vans, and more. 

Jose Silva’s foray into the NFT space marks significant shifts for the photography community. Having created an artistic collective, Animus, he helped lots of artists to embody their unique talents and perspectives. 

Jose Silva is a prominent personality in the NFT world. He is renowned for his collab with ThankYouX and as a speaker at various NFT events. Moreover, Jose also became the first Venezuelan artist to showcase an art piece in an auction at Sotheby’s.

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