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Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada is a professional graphic designer born in Perth, Australia. He first showcased his art in 2008 at the Monster Children Gallery in Sydney. Zawada’s marvels of art are unique and feature a spark of genius not commonly found in art by creatives at his level. He had an inclination towards web development before venturing into commercial graphic design, illustration and art directing. He is one of the few artists who can easily blend an intersection between artificial and natural. The artist’s distinct approach to developing eye-catching works of art has made him collaborate with musical superstars like Flume and Mark Pritch ard and big brands like Nike.

In his first NFT drop, he collaborated with his long time partner, Flume. The drop comprises 8 one-of-one pieces(scores by Flume and visuals by Zawada) for exclusive trade. The drop debuted via Zora, which is a 2020 universal protocol for minting and sharing NFTs.

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