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CryptoPuzzles is an NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain that merges physical puzzles with digital tokens. The creators made unique pieces designed to fit together and allow members to mint NFTs, which they could use to claim physical pieces. The project requires critical thinking and the application of knowledge in maths, history, and science. As a result, the people involved derive satisfaction in solving problems and have the chance to win a prize in the end. Combining the puzzle pieces with gorgeous artworks makes the project more exciting and increases the number of people interested. People who are part of solving the crypto puzzles share their progress on discord, telegram, and Twitter. Zd3n, one of the artists behind crypto puzzles, described the project as a good way for artists to embed money into art. One of the earliest puzzles included a hidden code in a scene drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci. The key to crack it was hidden in the room outlines in the center of the dodecahedron.

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