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Carty Sewill

Carty Sewill is a new-age artist who leverages the power of social media to promote his works of art. He studied at San Jose State University, where he graduated with a Liberal Art Major. When starting his art career, Carty worked as a freelance graphic designer. During this time, he worked in several exhibitions and art installations for corporations. As Sewill gained more skills and later upgraded to doing 3D art for video game companies. One of his major career highlights is the acquisition of a mod he created by Activision.

Carty’s efforts in the NFT space include two collaborative efforts with artists J Winterm and lza_Menace. The trio’s first collection on OpenSea was titled “GoodBoiSociety.io.” which debuted in the summer of 2021. In the same period, they dropped another collection under the name “Non-Fungible Soup.” Both projects aim at giving the owners full control of their assets. The Tokens were minted at random and had no starting index. In the soup project, holders got additional assets in a follow-up drop titled “MondrianNFT.”

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Carty Sewill's past NFT Drops

  • Mondrians are a collection of 4096 Free-to-Mint Generative Vector Mondrian-Inspired NFTs. They are part of our free-to-mint series of 20th-century art-inspired NFTs you can find at https://art101.io. For owners of...

  • Non-Fungible Soup is a generative Warhol-inspired NFT PFP project by Art101. Mint any of the 2,048 unique 'tokenized' Non-Fungible Soups at random. No starting index or editing metadata post-mint. View...

  • No Elon, you boomer, it's not another dogecoin... it's a doge NFT! Collect any of the 9,999 unique Good Boi NFTs. No gimmicks, roadmaps, or defi, just cute NFTs of...

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