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Buff Monster

Buff Monster is a street artist based in New York who uses Bright colors, some funny characters, and thick lines to change the world for the better. His major influences include; graffiti, pop art, heavy metal music, Japanese culture, and ice cream. He has painted the world for over 20 years, and this is included in Banksy's Oscar-nominated documentary entitled "Exit Through the Gift Shop." His well-executed paintings have been shown around the world in galleries. A good example is a painting in the permanent collection of Bristol city’s museum. Buff Monster has worked with some of the most prominent brands. They include; Coca-Cola, Samsung, Nike, Hello Kitty, and Disney.

Moreover, Monster wrote Justin Bieber's latest album, 'Changes,' in 2020. He released a variety of limited-edition collectibles under the Stay Melty brand. They include; stickers, prints, toys, and trading cards. The latest collection by Monster is called “The Warrior’s Day Off” (nine-part series), and continues the story of Mister Melty as the warrior as he fights evil.

He has used both 2Dand 3D in this piece of work. The collection includes; Glass Mister Melty, Painted Mister Melty, Rest, Diligence, A Day off, and Quiet.

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