Marina Marina 01.02.2022

Warner Music Group just partnered with a Tezos-based NFT platform OneOf to create music NFTs

Over the last few months, Warner Music Group has been overwhelming the NFT community with the number of partnerships it concluded. The music giant has recently teamed up with a digital collectibles platform Blockparty and concluded a strategic partnership with the gaming virtual world The Sandbox. However, it didn’t stop there. On the 31st of January, Warner Music Group announced its partnership with OneOf, a green NFT platform for the music community. It’s all done with one goal in mind: “to create exclusive NFTs for a range of legendary music artists”. 

Being the green NFT platform for the music community, OneOf claims to create NFTs that are significantly times more energy-efficient than its competitors. In addition, this Web3 company is specifically designed with the music community in mind. 

“Partnering with OneOf, a leader in the emerging technology space of Web3 and NFTs, gives our artists an edge in more authentically building one-to-one relationships with their fans and winning in the new Web3 economy,” said WMG EVP Oana Ruxandra. “We’re excited to see what’s possible.” 

“From collectibles to music royalties, NFTs and Web3 represent the pulse of consumer demand and an exciting future for the music industry,” Lin Dai, OneOf CEO said. “We are thrilled to partner and innovate together with Warner Music Group and use our cutting edge Web3 technology to bring their iconic labels and world-renowned artists to the next 100 million fans on the blockchain.” 

There is no doubt that such a partnership will greatly contribute to the NFT industry and bring lots of great NFTs to the NFT Universe. And we can only observe the course of events and keep a finger on the pulse!