Chris Chris 30.11.2022

Collection of 10,000 NFTs that Let you Grow a New Nation Within an Unique Community β€” Creator's Interview

Chris: Let me start off by asking you what you consider to be the most unique about the Vintage Neighbors collection? What is the inspiration behind its creation?

VNP team: I would say it’s “the whole package”. The project offers creative art with several super rare traits, an online shop with the highest quality of collectable goods, community involvement for designs and art collaborations, a climbable level system which is reflected on the blockchain for everyone to see and multiple earnings possibilities for each holder. You’ll never be bored with a Vintage Neighbor. 

We got inspired by the web3 space in general, our long involvement in crypto, and our IT backgrounds, as well as our love for art. Longevity is super important to us and since we are successful in IRL business, we are already looking forward to a few years from now where we can reflect on the amazing ecosystem the Vintage Neighbors family has built.

We packed the project with great utility

Also, I forgot something: We will announce a fun piece of software for, not only the Vintage Neighbors to use, but all NFT characters. We should all interact a bit more with each other.

Chris: What are the different traits and features of the collection? How is each token unique? Do you also have some rare traits?

VNP team: Eight trait categories, four factions, female & male mix, 400+ traits, multiple legendaries. We offer some super rare traits. For example, the police or fireman outfits. We have also done art-collabs with some amazing artists for our legendaries backgrounds. 

The fun part starts once each holder realizes that they can play up their personal level and it will even be reflected on the blockchain. We also reserved a custom field for a job title each token can hold in the future. Lots of fun things to come.

Chris: You mentioned the Vintage Neighbor Shop, could you explain what will be sold there?

VNP team: Our project is all about NFTs invading the real world. We want to see NFTs more in our daily life and our team is dedicated to making this happen together with the community. That’s the very reason we created the Vintage Neighbors shop to allow holders the opportunity to buy high quality products that we design, produce or partner with other brands.

Possible goods such as

-a Vintage Neighbor premium polo business shirt

-a luxury Vintage Neighbors keychain

-Vintage Neighbors Business shoes

-a custom painting of your Vintage Neighbor by one of our artists

-surprise luxury Swiss watch and jewelry products

The shop will be split into categories - Public Shop with Holders Priority, Holders Shop & 1/1 Collectables, Surprise Auctions for Holders. 

Holders can agree to sell their Vintage Neighbor motive to non-holders, who may want to order a polo shirt. If your Vintage Neighbor gets picked, you will earn extra.

We would really love to bring new and exciting products into the shop a lot. Our plan is for our team to release the first few shop products and continue to work closely with the community to suggest and select future products.

And the most important information for the holders: Each one will financially benefit from every shop sale.

Chris: What are the different benefits for the holders of the NFT?

VNP team: There are weighted points within each level you reach. The higher the level climb, the more you earn. Higher levels also grant holders access to special events 

Community. Holders have the possibility to participate in the project by suggesting new products or help by designing or by producing them. Each holder will have the option to vote for the product suggestions.

Holders also have the opportunity to earn commissions. For example, connecting us with a brand or an artist the Vintage Neighbors can then collaborate with.

Holders can put their Vintage Neighbor into a pool where the public can pick and combine each pool-nft onto a product. If the holders is picked, they will earn extra.

Our goal is to offer many ways to earn. I hope everybody will be excited about this feature of Vintage Neighbors.

Chris: What sort of community does Vintage Neighbors offer and what is your plan to build it in the future?

VNP team: We are looking to build a very strong and fun community of collaborators. To be honest, we are still building it. Shout out to all designers, artists, collectable hunters and fun people - come and become part of the Vintage Neighbors Family! 

Once the project is minted out, we will setup the Discord to work with the community. We also have the possibility to develop applications to help facilitate collaboration within the community.

Chris: Technicalities now... What will be the cost of one Vintage Neighbors NFT? Why did you choose to offer a Dutch Auction?

VNP team: The Vintage Neighbors are living on the ETH blockchain.

It is important to say that there will never be more Vintage Neighbors. The collection is limited to a maximum of the original 10k art pieces.

We started the project during the NFT hype, where GAS was super high too. During that time we decided to implement a dutch auction for the minting process. Would I do the same today again? Probably not, a normal minting process would be sufficient.

The price of the end price of the dutch auction we will set to 0.09ETH  

Chris: Where foresee the project going in the next three years?

VNP team: One of our vision phrases is “no limits to creativity”. That is exactly where we see the project going. We have set a strong basis and financial concept and we are open to expand in various directions. For example, there could be a Vintage Neighbors AirBNB in a one-of-a-kind location offering benefits to holders. I see a big potential in partnering with small, medium and large companies and brands. Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.