Galaxis to Launch Beta Testing of Its Brand-New NFT Creation Platform

A no-code NFT toolkit for creating decentralized token-gated communities Galaxis has recently gained much attention from both web3 beginners and tycoons. The toolkit's great popularity was achieved for the most part thanks to its outstanding usability and seamless operation. 

The toolkit also allows bounding NFTs with multiple utility traits, holder-only benefits, and interactive communication experiences. Moreover, Galaxis' end-to-end, open-source, zero-platform fee solution allows both skilled NFT designers and non-tech users to create dynamic digital assets, manage communities in a safe web3 ecosystem, and monetize their projects. The Galaxis NFT Toolkit has been used to release utility-driven projects with Val Kilmer, Mike Tyson, and Steve Aoki among others. And now the same technology will be available to the public.

On November 28th, the Galaxis team announced the launch of its new platform’s beta testing for only those registered by invitation. The cutting-edge initiative provides a whole bunch of out-of-the-box opportunities for any type of influencers, businesses, and celebrities, connecting them with their audiences. Thus, whether you are an entertainer, sports icon, celebrity, creator, museum, charity, or startup, the Galaxis platform will connect you seamlessly with your fans, investors, or supporters.

Additionally, to scale the already sublime toolkit's capabilities, Galaxis has joint efforts with the leading web3 players, including Chainlink, Crossmint, Polygon, and Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Having integrated Chainlink VRF into a new NFT creation platform, Galaxis will provide users with access to a fair RNG to create even more engaging NFT-based projects and experiences.

"We look forward to seeing the amazing communities that people build using the platform. As well as the creative ways in which they decide to use NFTs to engage them. We've already seen several well-known celebrities successfully use the platform, and we expect that more and more will come in as the project continues to gain momentum," Andras Kristof, the Founder of Galaxis commented on the beta.

On December 1st, Andras Kristof and other web3-savvy profs in different verticals and industries will hold the live Beta Launch Event of the brand-new NFT creation platform. Those projects who are interested in joining a short-time beta testing period can still apply for participation by filling in the contact form on the Galaxis official website.

Once you are dreaming of creating your own NFT-centred community and finally find a safe and trusted entrance to web3, it's high time for action. Apply for joining the Galaxis beta and make the first step to the moon!