Chris Chris 26.11.2022

7Lux Cup is a special collection of 2022 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain β€” Creator's Interview

Hi there, today we gonna talk about a project inspired by World Cup 2022. According to this, 2022 NFTs which are recently launched are selected countries from the 7LuX project.

Chris: What is the inspiration behind the collection, 7LuX Cup

TeamLuX: It is the perfect time to release a new collection during “The Most Glorious Football Event 2022”. 7Lux Cup is a special collection of 2022 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. For NFT collectors and football Fanclub will have this opportunity to mint 2022 NFTs which are related to 7LuX original collection; each qualified 20 countries (from 50 countries’ 7LuX) plus 1 Qatar, host country, now available on OpenSea. Those 20 + 1 countries are South Korea, Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Switzerland, England, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, France, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and Qatar.

Chris: In detail we need to know more, can you help us understand the 7LuX NFT? 

TeamLuX: The original collection, 7LuX NFT is a collection of 20,000 randomly generated NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain, launched the 7LuX in the second quarter of 2022. Each LuX has different traits namely head, eyes, ear, mouth, skin, clothing, and badge. As diversity is the inspiration, we consistently created the 7LuX NFT to represent 50 countries’ cultures and their uniquenesses.   

Chris: Can you tell our readers about your art design? 

TeamLuX: We created this special collection, 7LuX Cup, to be different from the original one. With the new five shades of human-like skin, special national football team jersey, and background football field, there are various styles and nationalities. All traits in this collection are still looted in the 7LuX concept, representing each country's uniqueness, and culture, as well as playful, vibrant, and eye-catching decorated accessories.

Chris: How many tokens will be released for public sale? 

TeamLuX: There are 2022 NFTs in 7LuX Cup collection available on OpenSea with 0.01 ETH 

Chris: As you mentioned above, how many NFTs do you provide in each of the 21 countries? 

TeamLuX: The collection includes 21 countries, each with 100 NFTs except Qatar, which has only 22 NFTs. 

Chris: Do you have any activities in your community? And is everyone allowed to participate in the activity? 

TeamLuX: Without a doubt! We still have match predictions running on our official Twitter, as well as the winner of the tournament giveaway for the upcoming final round. We have reserved NFTs from both collections, 7LuX Cup and 7LuX NFT, for anyone who takes part in this football tournament in 2022. Everyone is welcome to participate in our activities and has a chance to win.

Chris: In the end, what else would you like our readers to know about your project? 

TeamLuX: So appreciate it if you follow us and join the community on our official social accounts to know more about the project, news, and activity.