7lux Cup

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November 20, 2022 – November 27, 2022





Big World Cup Qatar has come, as well this is time for 7LuX’s new collection. TeamLuX has created 2022 NFTs based on 20 qualified countries with Qatar for the finals thanks to the 7LuX project. These are various styles and nationalities with new five shades of human-like skin colors, special national football team jersey and background football field for you. All traits in this collection are still looted in 7LuX concept representing each country’s uniqueness and culture along with playful, vivid, and eye-catching decorated accessories. 

7LuX collection has presented 50 countries, there are 20 countries that are qualified for World Cup 2022. However, our team will be launching NFTs that are designed from 20 countries due to the 7LuX collection with the host (Qatar). Those 20 + 1 countries are South Korea, Australia, Canada, United States of America, Switzerland, England, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, France, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and Qatar.

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