The World's Biggest Collage of Ukrainian Children's Drawings Will Be Auctioned off as NFTs to Aid Kids Affected by War

Mom, I see war is the Ukrainian project with a powerful message and a big goal in mind. Thousands of Ukrainian children, hiding from Russian bombs in basements and bomb shelters, are facing the horror of wartime. Death, devastation, fear, uncontrolled aggression of the enemy are the last things children must see, feel and live in. But even in these darkest days in the history of Ukraine, almost a month after the Russian invasion, Ukrainian children keep dreaming of peace and happiness for their homeland. Thus, thousands of Ukrainian kids and teens created drawings on how they see this war and what they dream about.

The project for support of Ukrainian children dubbed Mom, I see war, was created to deliver the anti-war message by Ukrainian kids to the world. That's why all Ukrainian children's drawings were digitized to never leave the webspace as NFTs. Moreover, all the kids' NFT drawings will be put at an international digital NFT auction. All funds raised from these NFT sales will be transferred to the humanitarian fund to help children affected by war in Ukraine. 

The initiative group behind the Mom, I see war project consists of crypto enthusiasts, representatives of media, marketing, digital art, and other spheres of the Ukrainian creative sector. The founders wanted the whole world to see the emotions and feelings of Ukrainian children through blockchain and socials like Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter, where the kids' drawings are published.

The auction terms will be announced soon. Don't stay aside, as Ukrainian children urgently need aid, from freshwater and food to rare medications and help in fleeing to a safe place. Stay tuned and participate as soon as the Mom, I see war auction starts.