The Voice Talent Show Officially Enters the Metaverse

The world's most loved and largely-viewed talent show The Voice, is taking the next round in the metaverse. Prior to that, on October 27th, The Voice producer ITV Studios announced that it had granted exclusive rights in the metaverse for the TV show to the Virtual Brand Group (VBG). The latter is known to be a pioneering web3 company, which helps big brands adjust to the metaverse.

The premier of The Voice in the metaverse will take place during the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival, which is running from November 10th to 13th. The multimillion fandom of The Voice from around the globe will be able to engage with multiple already known and new themed activities as part of their own musical journey in the metaverse space. This will allow fans to participate in blind “auditions” that will result in collecting virtual music notes and being rewarded with The Voice digital collectibles.

Unlike a real-life music show available for selected few, The Voice Metaverse provides everyone willing with never-before-seen engagement experiences from anywhere on the globe. Thus, all those who decide on plunging into a captivating musical journey in the metaverse will be treated to:

  • Immersive virtual experiences and social games, including persistent worlds and events. This will allow participants to access unique content, become available to show their singing skills, and challenge their friends and other participants.
  • A new web3 loyalty program for fans, which rewards them for their time and engagement in the project's social media, watching the show, and buying merch.
  • A never-before-seen fully metaverse global contest that would contain all the loved features from real-life shows and a bunch of totally new opportunities to drive global viewership of The Voice.

By entering The Voice Metaverse website, users are offered to register to unlock new VR Voice competitions, Sandbox and Fortnite games, Roblox and Decentraland experiences, NFT drops, and more. Also, users can earn legendary fan status by finding the "Easter Egg," which is a three-digit number hidden in the image beyond the data submission form.

"That's why we say The Voice was, in many ways, an early version of the Metaverse where anonymity and being whoever you want rule. Today we come full circle. VBG is the perfect partner for us because together, we can enable a one-stop activation for all our territories and broadcasting partners around the world and give fans a year-round experience with games, giveaways, and virtual items all inspired by The Voice," Lucie Stoffers, Head of Brand & Licensing at ITV Studios, commented on the partnership.

The Voice Metaverse will empower users to become stars, challenging each other in musical contests, and rewarding them for any type of activities they undertake, whether it is sharing content, watching videos, buying merch, or whatever else. Thus, the new format of user engagement will benefit participants and viewers alike. 

While the music industry is gradually adjusting to the metaverse, it's no surprise that such a major player as The Voice is taking up such a step. Would you like to join The Voice in the metaverse? Share your ideas with our community.