Web3 Browser Opera Released a New NFT Analytics Product

On November 3rd, the web3 browser Opera introduced its brand-new NFT analytics tool entitled DegenKnows to the public. The program provides users with working tools, making it possible to explore, track, verify NFT collectibles, and gain insights from their communities.

The new NFT analytics tool conducts deep on- and off-chain analysis and allows NFT degens to spot prospect projects before they gain popularity and even prior to the mint date. Besides, DegenKnows provides users with detailed analytics on the most hyped collections, alongside information about NFT whales and influencers of the realm.

On top of that, another DegenKnows' key tool helps collectors avoid scams, while the program collects data from social media sources, including information about the project's team. These stats include the number of followers, active members, and total mentions over 24 hours. Thus, a "Smart Filter" function aims to help users filter out wash trade, transfers, airdrops, and scams.

Here, on the platform, users can also make use of a curated content feed for each NFT project, which showcases the most significant posts, with no need for scrolling the feed for hours.

"With DegenKnows, we are giving them [ed. users] an innovative tool to explore and understand the world of NFTs and perhaps spot the next big project ahead of others," Susie Batt, crypto ecosystem lead at Opera, commented on the program launch.

Currently, all Opera browser users are granted free premium access to DegenKnows, while others are allowed a limited free trial, which will be available up to the end of 2022.

Prior to the introduction of its new NFT analytics tool, Opera once again claimed its status as a full-scale crypto browser by integrating the Near Protocol and Fantom blockchains. Thus, in September 2022, Opera launched an in-browser crypto wallet support to the scalable blockchain Elrond, adding it to the list of already integrated Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BNB Chain, and others.

Our aim with the Opera Crypto Browser is to provide a portal into Web3 at its fullest. From browsing dApps to using their funds, our users can explore Web3 from the safe environment of a user-friendly browser by a trusted brand,” Susie Batt added.

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