Chris Chris 06.11.2022

Holders can Leverage the Platform We’ve Developed to Create Their very own Crypto Trust Funds — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Can you tell us about founder's professional background?

Team Member: @MrTrustFundBaby started working professional in the blockchain space at the start of 2018 when he joined a company building on top of both Bitcoin & Ethereum as a senior engineer. He’s been building for quite a few years now and hasn’t looked backed. More recently, he’s started building on Solana and other alternative L1s.

Chris: Can you tell us more about how you came to create Trust Fund Babies?

Team Member:The idea came when @MrTrustFundBaby was in quarantine after catching COVID-19 after attending EthDenver. We were building the first platform that allowed users to create their own crypto Trust Funds. We were trying to come up with a concept that made the world of Trust Funds and sophisticated financial planning friendlier and more relatable to those aspiring to become financially free.

Chris: Utility. Tell us more….

Team Member: Yes, so there is instant utility associated with holding a Trust Fund Baby NFT. Holders can leverage the platform we’ve developed @Lightbeamfi to create their very own crypto Trust Funds. We are addressing the expensive problem of – “What happens to your crypto when you die?” and “How can I lower my crypto tax bill”. The beauty of our solution is that we’ve automated almost every part of the process and it’s completely non-custodial. We live by “Not your keys, not your coin.” 

Chris: Trust Fund Babies art is amazing. Can you tell our audience about your artists/designers?

Team Member: Designers and founder worked at together previously at an edtech startup that built an educational platform for med/nursing students – Picmonic. Picmonic specialized in creating animated cartoon videos explaining complex medical topics. Both designer's first time working on web3 projects. One of the artists is even a fisherman who lives on his boat in Alaska!