Chris Chris 08.11.2022

Your NFT Unlocks Access to Events, Free Therapy, Wellness Products & More β€” Creator's Interview

As early investors in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Nancy (aka Fancy) and Vanessa (aka BlockchainV) knew that the future was blockchain. As female entrepreneurs and investors, they had a passion to help spread awareness and adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology amongst their friends but most importantly to other women, so they formed Blockchain Babes Worldwide. A community that helps support and onboard more women and friends into blockchain. As founders of a virtual healthcare company, they also wanted to merge their two passions together and bring their affordable healthcare benefits into the blockchain space via an NFT. They knew that with their existing vendor relationships, they could also help bring life changing tools such as access to virtual mental health therapy and medical visits to their community. However, they wanted to do it in a fun way and in a way that would help reach more men and help with the stigma that talking about your mental health is not okay. Therefore, they wanted to form a community that MOVES, GROWS, & THRIVES together in this digital age. A community where everyone is welcomed, and stories are shared. Where we can learn from one another and support one another during the good and the bad times so that we can celebrate the beauty in life.

Chris: Hi there! Thanks for doing the interview! So Party Apes Club (PAC) is a unique and limited collection with a community whose purpose is to MOVE, GROW, and THRIVE together. Can you elaborate on these 3 goals? 

Nancy: We live in a world that is technically connected, but physically and spiritually, disconnected. What we mean is that we are glued to our computer screens and mobile phones all day and don’t really stop to connect with our friends, our families and even ourselves. It’s not a healthy way of life and we need balance, desperately.  Therefore, if you are going to be online, then be online with friends who have a common interest in improving themselves, mentally and physically. We practice mindfulness in our spaces, we share growth and wellness hacks and of course talk about all things blockchain.

Chris: The Art is beautiful. Who are your artists?

Vanessa: The art and concept were created by both Fancy and I, (BlockchainV) and we had it finalized with the help of another female digital artist.  We went with the ape theme since they are the closest resemblance to us humans since they share about 98% of our DNA.  In addition, who doesn’t love apes?!  We wanted to make sure that they were unlike any other ape themed projects in the space so we made them with vibrant colors and traits that anyone can connect with. We believe that music heals the soul and helps us MOVE, we incorporated several music themed traits in the collection as well.

Chris: Great. And how did you all come together to bring this collection to life?

Nancy: As partners IRL who have years of experience in the blockchain space, we knew that we had to bring something unique to the space that hadn’t been done before.  We know that we wanted to offer a project that gave back to the community everything that we would want ourselves, such as IRL benefits.

Chris: Any exclusive benefits holders will enjoy? 

Vanessa: We are PACked with real life utility!  Our members will get wellness benefits such as 6 months of Medical & Mental Health Therapy via Teladoc, access to life coaches, guided meditations and lots of giveaways that can be claimed via our PAC Perk Shop.

Chris: What are the key dates to remember? 

Nancy: Public Mint starts on 11/11 for our limited Genesis Collection of only 1,111 NFTS.

Chris: Got it. What are some exciting plans on your roadmap? 

Vanessa: We have several events already planned for our holders to meet IRL during Art Basel Miami, we have custom PAC Ledger crypto wallets to distribute to our community and have spaces scheduled with representatives from Ledger to help educate our members about wallet safety.  Our extensive roadmap can be viewed on our website. We are just getting started!

Chris: Tell us about the charity side of things please. 

Nancy: We believe that giving to others is a form of practicing mindfulness and want to encourage our community to do the same.  We have setup a PAC Pay It Forward Program so that members can donate their wellness benefits to a family or friend in need and PAC will be periodically adding to this cause as well. In addition, we will be donating to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund via The Giving Block.  Our collection of only 1,111 apes also represents the average number of mountain gorillas left in existence, a cause that we hold dear to our hearts.