Chris Chris 08.04.2022

We have a Luxury car Giveaway running for Our most Loyal members, worth $100K USD — Founder's Interview

We are joined by Ismail Ramadan — founder of SuperKrass NFT. 

For 10 years he has been working on different eCommerce and Online businesses that generate millions in revenue each year.

Chris: SuperKrass is an NFT based on a casino game. How is this NFT different from other casino-based tokens released in the Metaverse?

Ismail: This project is primarily based in our discord community. The voices of our key members in the community, the Krass Army, provide valuable input and we take it very seriously. They made the decision of going public with the power cards so others can realise the same benefits. 

The main utilities are the perks that each Capt. Gamble can have (up to 8 different Super Powers), and the fact that holders of the Capt. Gamble will also be a shareholder of the casino. Every Capt. Gamble entitles its owner to a percentage of the profits of the casino, depending on rarity.  To take advantage of this perk you must mint Capt. Gamble or purchase via the secondary market on OpenSea. To fully enjoy the casino rewards, holders can always try their luck by using their Capt. Gamble, with its specific Super Powers, in the casino. I love playing Roulette and will recommend Iron Head Capt. Gamble (or the Iron Head Power Card); however, if you mint Capt. Charming (or any other Super Power) you can add-on Iron Head Power Card and have both perks.

Chris: Likewise, Captain Gambles are artwork collectibles being released as NFTs. How will these Captain Gambles help in the casino game of the SuperKrauss?

Ismail: The Capt. Gamble NFT is your VIP pass in the casino.  It also gives holders some extra powers that you can use in some games (or all of them).  For example, the Iron head Super Power (as mentioned above) allows the holder to double their winnings for 10 minutes every 6 hours!  If you’re feeling lucky, activate the 10 minute window and earn double the winnings!  The 8 different Super Powers of the Capt. will add some extra flavor and enhance the experience for the casino gamblers.

Chris: What are the different features of Captain Gambles? Do you also have a rarity chart for the investor reference?

Ismail: We have 8 different Capt. Gamble:

Charming Gamble: The Charming Gamble gives you the Super Power of having an extra chance at a card game against the house.  That means if you lost a blackjack hand you can use Charming Gamble’s Super Power to have another shot with the same bet. You can use this power every 3 hours.

Red Genius: The Red Genius adds the Super Power of an increased chance in dice games.  For 10 minutes your captain gamble will control the dice with his laser eyes so you can boost your chances of winning extra cash in your dice's bets. It has a cooldown usage of 1 hour.

Iron Head: The Iron Head Super Power is applied to roulette betting as mentioned above.  Every 6 hours you can double your earnings at the roulette table  for 10 minutes.

Metallix Gamble: This one is really cool, the Metallix Gamble gives you the Super Power of cash-back against your losses in the casino,  Metallix will give you a random % back, but it will never be less than 10%.  There is no cooldown for the Metallix Super Power, and holders will receive the cash back monthly.

Mecha Gamble: Another Super Power that doesn’t have any cooldown!  If you own a Mecha Gamble, you will have increased chances of winning in the slots machine, always!

Scratcher Gamble: Being a holder of the Scratcher Gamble means that if you’re a lover of scratching digital cards you will have a blas!  This Super Power will give you the power to get every 10th scratch for free.

Poker Face: Are you a poker lover? Then this is the perk for you!  The Poker Face Super Power confuses the dealer making them forget to collect fees from you!  This is another Super Power with no cooldown.

VR Headset: To add some extra fun into our NFT Roulette, the VR Headset gives you an increased chance to win NFT roulette.  It is recommended to use it against other players who don’t have this perk!


Chris: Additionally, the tokens will be released through a presale before the public minting. When is the presale and how can I access it to get the price benefits?

Ismail: As we’ve mentioned before, this is a community based project, and we give preference on the private sale to our most active/loyal members in our discord channel.  We also run giveaways in our social media channels like Twitter and Instagram, but if you’re not in our discord, you’re missing weekly competitions, special giveaways (we have a luxury car giveaway running for our most loyal members, worth $100K USD) and a lot of fun as well!  We’re also heading into the public sale of our Super Power Cards.  Super Power Card holders will also receive a huge discount for the minting of Capt. Gamble. The Super Power Cards is a limited collection of 250 pieces, so get in Discord and grab them while they’re available!  This is also a good way for getting access to special prices in the mint process.

Chris: Where should one go to get the latest updates on the airdrops and rewards of SuperKrauss NFT? Please share the important communication channels.

Ismail: Our discord is our main method of communication with the community. We will also implement a newsletter function for members who wish to have it, as we know there are some days we are in a rush and can’t stay connected on discord 24/7. You can check us out at:




Chris: Interestingly, there is a cashback on the losses made at the casino. How does this work? How does the cashback amount get decided?

Ismail: The cash back function is exclusively for the owners of the Metallix Gamble, or a Fusion Gamble with a Metallix Super Power.  As mentioned above, we have a special collection of 250 power cards.  You can buy one of those Super Power Cards, wait for the mint of Capt. Gamble, and then merge them into a Fusion Gamble (imagine having an Iron Head Metallix Capt. Gamble, wouldn’t that be COOL?!?)

Chris: Moreover, the monthly profits of the casino will be redistributed among the holders. What percentage of profits will be shared?

Ismail: We are paying out 50% of the total profits among captain Gamble holders. 

The percentage of their payout depends on factors like rarity and rank in our discord. This way we can make sure that our most active community members benefit the most from these utilities.

Chris: Before we close, please share a step-by-step minting process of the SuperKrass NFT.

Ismail: For the public sales, we will be posting the link to the mint website in our official channels of communication.  The next drops of the power cards will be added to so you can always check through there. Private sales are made directly through the ticketing system in our discord.  We address each ticket directly with the requestor so we can have the smoothest process possible.  This process has also been proven to prevent scammers from hurting our community.