New Ledger Nano S Plus: A Must-Have for NFT Enthusiasts

One of the leading hardware cryptocurrency wallet manufacturers, Ledger, is actively adjusting to its customers' changing needs. The recent statement made by the company signals transforming its long-existing, popular original Nano version into an NFT-focused Ledger Nano S Plus

The new device is constructed with the NFT collectors' needs in mind and is the sixth company's official product. The new super-effective feature added to the Nano S Plus functionality allows a "clear signing" technology, which makes web3 transactions a safer and more hassle-free user experience.

“Ledger Nano users have always been able to store NFTs on their devices through partners, on the Ledger Nano X, and now Ledger’s software application Ledger Live prioritizes NFT support where users can view their NFTs in Ledger Live and securely transact through clear signing,” Ian Rogers, chief experience officer at Ledger, commented on the novelty in the product range. 

According to Leger's official, the new clear signing technology drives the possibility of "blind signing" to zero, while showcasing all transactions' details. After the global phishing attacks with the most sounding in February, the risk of signing blind transactions has settled among crypto holders.

 By the way, the new Ledger Nano X boasts:

  • managing 5500+ digital assets and NFTs
  • a bigger screen
  • a larger memory capacity with a possibility to install up to 100 apps at once
  • a smoother user experience
  • Ledger’s top-level security 

Pascal Gauthier, Chairman & CEO at Ledger, says: “The Ledger Nano S Plus is a Nano S on steroids. It provides you with more space to freely enjoy the ever-expanding world of DeFi and NFTs. We keep improving our world-leading hardware devices to allow you to securely explore the Web3 ecosystem.”