Marina Marina 01.02.2022

Steve Aoki launches his own new metaverse and NFT Rewards Platform titled A0K1VERSE

World-famous DJ, record producer, founder of Dim Mak Records, and a person who is definitely into NFTs Steve Aoki has launched his own metaverse and NFT membership platform. Dubbed ‘A0K1VERSE’, it’s a new ecosystem bridging the metaverse with the real world. 

The key thing behind this platform is that it provides Aoki’s fans (citizens of the A0K1VERSE) with numerous physical and digital rewards. What exactly? Concert tickets, presale access to free mints on Aoki’s NFTs, access to friend & family NFT projects, physical & digital collectibles, metaverse experiences, and lots more. 

“I am combining an entire career’s worth of relationships, my music, my art, my network into an all encompassing exclusive membership community,” says Steve Aoki. “It's an exclusive membership unlike any other community out there. Imagine an NFT that will grow with you over time & the more invested you are in it, the more rewards you'll receive.”

The so-called “building blocks” of the A0K1VERSE are the A0K1 Credits and the Passport. The A0K1 Credits are ERC-1155 NFTs with a total supply cap of 50K. It’s worth noting that 25K only will be available for public release (February 15th) and the other 25K will be used for the community as earnable rewards. 

When it comes to the Passport, it is a golden ticket to becoming a citizen of the A0K1VERSE. Those who desire to get a Passport should redeem A0K1 Credits first. The A0K1VERSE Passport is claimed to be a dynamic NFT that evolves over time based on its holder activity in the A0K1VERSE. All holders of the Passport will get access to unique experiences and opportunities. 

If you feel like becoming a citizen of a brand new Universe created by Steve Aoki, grab your chance!