Polygon Joins Efforts with Neobank Hi and Mastercard for a Custom NFT Debit Card Creation

Ethereum layer two, eco-friendly blockchain Polygon has been showing outstanding growth this year and is not going to reduce its pace. Thus, recently, Polygon has teamed up with the neo-banking app hi and Mastercard to launch a platform that allows clients to design and customize NFT debit cards. These cards will also allow users to spend crypto and fiat at any of Mastercard’s 90+ million merchants around the globe. 

Currently, the NFT cards are only available to citizens throughout 25 EU countries and the UK, while the founders promise to expand their services to other continents in a while.

This initiative is a logical continuation of the previous collaboration between hi and Mastercard rolled out in September. The initial endeavor allowed only a selected few NFT collection holders to customize their bank cards with blue-chip NFT avatars. 

The recent collaboration with Polygon allows anyone willing to print any NFT from their portfolio on their debit card's cover without any extra fees. This initiative becomes Polygon's next step on the way to gas-free NFT transactions.

In a recent press release, Sean Rach, co-founder of hi, said "The team at Polygon are true blockchain pioneers, we are delighted to be partnering with them to explore new frontiers of Web3, particularly in the banking and payments space. Polygon NFTs are going to look just awesome on our cards, we can't wait to welcome holders of wallets on the Polygon network to the hi community.” 

To get an awesome hi Web3 Customizable NFT Mastercard, holders must select a debit card split over four tiers, such as silver, gold, platinum, or diamond. Besides, to benefit from the initiative, users will have to meet some conditions. Thus, to make use of a customized lowest-tier silver card, the applicant will have to stake 10,000 $HI tokens, priced at about $0.022 per token.

To enter the process of customization via hi's platform, the cardholder-to-be will have to add Polygon Mainnet to their external wallet and claim a Polygon NFT. Those who have no NFTs to place on the card will be able to upload their own image and mint it as a Polygon NFT, so it is displayed in the mobile wallet and on their future debit cards.

Moreover, NFT Debit Cards come with additional benefits. Thus, cardholders will earn Spend Rewards of up to 10%, get rebates on up to 20 digital lifestyle subscriptions, and get awe-inspiring travel benefits. 

Polygon’s partnership with neobank hi and Mastercard celebrates the era of blockchain which finds acclaim with such real-life big players. To create your own NFT Debit Card, you'll have to meet certain conditions. Drop by the Polygon x hi platform, and follow the instructions. Once you complete the task, go share your cool debit card and experiences from using it with our community on socials.