OpenSea Added BNB To Its Multichain NFT Portfolio

The trading platform for the most valuable NFT collections, the OpenSea marketplace keeps scaling its blockchain portfolio; this time with the BNB Chain. Thus, BNB becomes the sixth chain adopted by OpenSea, joining already integrated Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Klaytn.

The news arrived on November 30th via OpenSea's official Twitter, announcing that "NFT investors can now buy BNB NFTs on OpenSea using BitKeep wallet." Another tweet in the feed reads that every BNB-driven NFT collection launched after January 1st, 2022 can now be traded via the marketplace. For example, such BNB Chain NFTs as Goodfellas and PixelSweeper will now be available on OpenSea. 

The integration with the BNB chain, which stands for 'Build N Build', comes as an expected maneuver after the Binance NFT marketplace's recent adoption of OpenSea’s top 200 NFT collections using the ERC-721 standard.

Moreover, by the end of 2022, BNB Chain will integrate its NFTs into OpenSea’s Seaport protocol, offering new sources of creator fees and NFT releases. The initiative is aimed to draw multiple BNB Chain creators to the OpenSea terrains.

“We’re delighted to begin leveraging Seaport across multiple blockchains, including BNB Chain, to better the OpenSea experience for everyone. This update will make it simpler to reach even more users and creators on the chains they prefer,” Jeremy Fine, Head of Business and Corporate Development at OpenSea announced. 

So, now BNB Chain creators can benefit from real-time payouts, creator payouts, and collection management. Additionally, the OpenSea x BNB integration will also deprive creators of high gas fees, alongside eliminating the need for new users to pay an account creation fee.

To date, according to some statistics sites, BNB occupies the fifth place among all other blockchains used for NFT trading in a 24-hour time window. As of October 2022, over three billion transactions from more than 163 million unique addresses were processed on the BNB chain. Currently, the blockchain supports over 1,300 dApps engaged in various spheres, including DeFi, metaverse, web3 gaming, and NFTs. 

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