Moonpay Announced the Acquisition of Web3 Creative Company Nightshift

The renowned crypto payment service Moonpay aims to scale its set of offerings to clients with the acquisition of the Web3 creative company Nightshift. The key goal of the purchase is to provide out-of-the-box tools and services to Moonpay customers, willing to adjust their services to Web3 by enrolling cryptocurrency, NFTs, and metaverse experiences. Additionally, Moonpay hopes to build online interaction based on ownership for the customers of both companies. 

As part of the deal the creative company Nightshift was renamed to Otherlife, but without losing the current list of top-brand clients like Shopify, Adobe, and Arsenal F.C.

There was a big opportunity for us to come together and now be able to offer the end-to-end lifecycle support for big brands,” said MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright said, adding, “Now we can go to any brand that has an idea or wants to enter Web3, and we can help them execute a full end-to-end strategy.”

Following his colleague’s thoughts, Keith Grossman, the enterprise President of Moonpay, calls effective Web3 experiences that “deepen brand engagement” among Nightshift’s of now better say Otherlife’s trump cards. Additionally, according to the President, the customers have no desire to get into the technology which helps them grow, as they want only to grow. Having joined forces, Moonpay and Otherlife have all the tools needed to drive their customers to success. 

For Otherlife, integration with Moonpay causes nothing but huge excitement thanks to the paying service’s focus on hassle-free entering Web3 space. “MoonPay’s wallets, smart contracts, on-ramps, and growing infrastructure provide endless support for our growing roster of clients,” Otherlife CEO and Co-Founder Michael Perrow, commented on the acquisition.

Despite the major downtrend in the market, Moonpay managed to significantly scale its suite of services in 2022, ensuring clients a seamless entrance to Web3. Some of the most noteworthy initiatives included the launch of Moonpay’s HyperMint platform. This self-service site offers visitors to make use of a certified smart contract-driven NFT minting, intended for both individuals and corporations.

Thus, according to the latest news announced by both Web3 tycoons, they are preparing something truly outstanding for their clients in a while. Tons of expertise and innovative approach to every minutia, are likely to make the entrance of brands to Web3 a matter of a few clicks. Let’s wait and see.