Chris Chris 01.06.2022

We have Special Events, Seasonal Tournaments, New Tracks, Vehicle Cosmetics, and Much More — Founder's Interview

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with John O’Reilly — Founder and Creative Director of Monster Racing League.

Chris: Monsters from the Monster Racing League handle their driving. This is super cool! What technology guides automatic navigation and gameplay?

John: Monster Racing League is a multiplayer car racing game with no driving. One of our key design features is strategic racing with various layers of monster stats, abilities, boosters, and track layouts and conditions all working together to create a challenging game. We have developed and are further extending a custom AI driving simulation so different monsters can drive intelligently while also retaining a good sense of player agency, allowing players to focus on using their abilities during the race. We want our players to be yelling at the screen for all of the right reasons!

Chris: This implies that you didn’t want the investors to focus on navigating. What will be the role played by the investor? How do they participate in the gameplay?

John: Balancing pre-race configuration and timing the use of abilities during a race will be critical for success. Players strategically equip abilities and consumables for use during the race to suit their play style. While racing they choose the perfect time to use the abilities such as weapons, shields, smoke, and boost cards to defeat their opponents. It really is a lot of fun and because we already have a playable demo version of the game available you get to start practicing and honing your skills now.

Chris: Also, what will be the benefits accruing to the investor once they buy a token of the Monster Racing League?

John: When taking part in the mint for Monster Racing League investors are buying a whole container, not just a single NFT. Containers come with an Origin monster, 1-2 abilities such as missile, shield, smoke, etc., a boost pack giving you either 20, 50, or 100 consumable cards that give you an edge in a race, a custom vehicle cosmetic to change the appearance of your car with a chance to get 1 of 98 Epic cosmetics or 1 of 5 Legendary cosmetics and a chance to get 1 of only 20 ultra-rare tracks that earn you passive rewards. This means you don’t just get 1 NFT but at least 4 NFTs in every container.

Chris: More importantly, what are the features of the token? How have the designers made each token unique?

John: What’s so special about the 10,000 containers is that each of the available 10,000 Origin Monsters within them is unique with different traits and rarity. You also have different vehicle cosmetics with differing levels of rarity including Epic and Legendary ones. There are also Boost packs which give you an edge in a race, special abilities, and the chance to get 1 of only 20 ultra-rare tracks which give you passive rewards when players race on them. 

Chris: By the same token, what will be the price of each Monster Racing League NFT? What percentage of the cost would go towards gas?

John: The price for each container is still TBC but as the minting is happening on Polygon the gas fees will be extremely low.

Chris: In the same way, how does one get on the whitelist for the presale to grab price benefit?

John: The best way to get on the whitelist is to join our Discord. We have lots of different ways for people to get on the whitelist: from competitions to spot giveaways for active community members as well as racing for it with the playable version of the game and getting on the leaderboard! In our Discord, we also have an Ambassador program for people to join if they want to get more involved in the project which allows them to help spread the word worldwide about Monster Racing League. There are lots of benefits to joining the Ambassador program and full details are in our Discord.

Chris: So, what are your plans for the future of Monster Racing League tokens? What are the new additional features coming in 2022?

John: We have so much coming up! Soon after minting, using our proprietary chromosomal breeding system, you will be able to breed 2 monsters to create a new monster with different speed, skill, reactions stats, and different colors, and visual traits. Some players will be breeding for the most attractive monster and some to get the ultimate racing champion. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching the results people get!

But we’re not stopping there! We also have renting of monsters coming soon through our own marketplace that is currently in development so everybody has a chance to play and win. You will be able to buy and sell monsters on the marketplace as well. In terms of the game itself, we have special events lined up, seasonal tournaments, new tracks, new vehicle cosmetics, and much much more!

Development of the game is well underway with a playable single-player demo version available now. All of these future plans on the roadmap are not years away like many other Play 2 Earn games, they are already planned and being developed for release soon after the full game launches.

Chris: In the end, we would like you to share the minting process for your future investors.

John: The whitelist round and public sale rounds are happening in July with the date to be confirmed. The reveal for the monsters will happen after sell out, and reveals for vehicle cosmetics, boost packs, abilities and tracks will happen before the game release. Join our Discord for the latest updates!