Chris Chris 01.06.2022

We Plan to Host an Exclusive Party for Holders at a Venue in NYC or Miami Later this Year — Creator's Interview

Greetings, NFT enthusiasts! My guest today is Jared Ginsberg — Founder/CEO of INVALUABLE, he is an experienced crypto investor and NFT collector turned passionate builder and innovator in the space. Having spent the last decade building Gone Streakin’ and Class Act Sports, Jared is all-in on designing and bringing to life the future of digital assets and virtual communities.

Jared has been an avid NFT collector getting involved with NBA Top Shot and then branching out in other NFT collections early on such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Gutter Cat Gang.

Chris: INVALUABLE is an NFT collection built by the collectors. How did the team get together to bring INVALUABLE to life? What is the story behind the creation of the token?

Jared: INVALUABLE is a utility driven NFT marketplace created by collectors for collectors featuring our own metaverse and Web3 playground! We wanted to bring utility to the space and provide real values with the NFTs we launch through our own marketplace to ensure accountability, build trust, and deliver an amazing experience.

The INVALUABLE team is a top notch group of long-time NFT collectors, crypto investors, innovative builders, top creative talent, and experienced business operators who have come together to build the ultimate high-quality experience for NFT and metaverse enthusiasts.

It's been of utmost importance to continue corralling many awesome teammates over the past decade with amazing talent and genuine, authentic, personalities. 

Chris: Consequently, the genesis collection has 2626 tokens. How have the tokens been designed? What does each one of them represent?

Jared: The tokens are essentially INVALUABLE trophies which represent special access, features, and utility into our entire ecosystem and our custom metaverse, the INVALUABLE World.

Chris: Moreover, what are the other benefits of owning an INVALUABLE NFT?

Jared: Early access to special collections with massive utility. Opportunities to earn crypto, access to a highly touted business.  INVALUABLE Genesis NFT holders will gain early access to our metaverse and be able to provide feedback and creative ideas as we continue to mold and share our Web3 Playground. There are different tiers and rarities, but all 2,626 NFTs ultimately have massive utility within the iNVALUABLE ecosystem.

Chris: When is the final drop of these tokens? How much will be the cost of each Invaluable NFT?

Jared: Our launch is June 1st and will remain open until sellout.

Chris: Specifically, please explain what is meant by being a part of all NFT projects when you say “Invaluable will be a part of all the NFT projects”?

Jared: INVALUABLE will add value to a plethora of NFT projects by providing utility through our metaverse, the INVALUABLE World. We are going to create 3D assets which are metaverse ready and provide a Web3 Playground for collectors to enjoy and get the most of our their NFTs through digital and in person experiences.  

Chris: Furthermore, you also promise to convert a 2D avatar into a 3D avatar. What does the investor have to do to get it converted? Does it have an additional cost?

Jared: We will have a special collection at an additional fee in which we help turn your NFTs into 3D avatars and metaverse ready for the INVALUABLE World. However, potential collectors, looking to learn more about our metaverse, will eventually be able to access a Grand Central hub and explore.

Chris: Additionally, what else is on the roadmap? How does the collection plan to expand the scope for its investors?

Jared: We launch Phase 1 of our metaverse, weso be on the lookout for it late June, early July. We also plan to host an exclusive party for token holders at a venue in NYC or Miami later this year. Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: Before closing, please lay down the minting procedure for the future investors of Invaluable NFT.

Jared: Click mint, you click pay with ETH, the ETH is sent to a trusted wallet, and we mint on the Polygon blockchain to ensure seamless and cost efficient transactions while avoiding congestion on the Ethereum network.