Chris Chris 09.02.2022

GOF Avatar Owners shall be Earning from Projects that Their Avatars are Involved in — Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Eu: My name is Eu Wing, I’m the Project Director of Guardians of Fashion. I was a former pilot and have been in the crypto scene since 2017. 

Chris: The Guardians of Fashion (GOF) NFTs are avatars of the fashion and entertainment world. What is the concept of these virtual industry icons? How do they operate?

Eu: The GOF NFTs are created by professional webtoon artists and comprise 6,888 unique avatars created from a possible 550 hand-drawn traits. Each GOF NFT minted will have 2 reveals. First is the face reveal and the full body reveal will come next.

GOF as virtual model avatars are also being adopted by Warner Music as they expand their talent pool of musicians to the metaverse. Warner Music and GOF will co-produce music and Anime MVs for the Warner avatars. The streaming revenues of both music and music videos on multiple streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other web TV channels shall be shared between Warner Music and GOF. The revenues become passive earnings of the project and shall be distributed as dividend payouts to all GOF hodlers equally.

Chris: The NFTs are artwork avatars of fashion models. What else can the investor do with these NFTs?

Eu: GOF avatar owners can participate in casting selection of the next Warner Music virtual artistes based on the type of music project and artistes they are searching for and dependent on either 2 of the options:

OPTION 1: Popularity of the GOF avatar on social media

Owners of GOF avatars can promote and popularize their GOF avatars by creating independent social media accounts for their avatars or even using their own to promote their GOF avatars. This is very evident with the integration of PFPs on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube and are set to popularize PFP NFTs even more.

OPTION 2: Tender to Promote Your Avatars

Like all good talent and casting managers will do. A little investment can go a long way. Warner may have a really good hit song and GOF avatar owners can bid for their GOF avatar to be the selected Superstar. Even though the GOF avatar owner successfully bid and the particular avatar is chosen, the owner of the avatar won’t be given additional streaming revenues for their avatar’s music and music videos as they do not invest in the production and marketing of the song nor animated video. However, when their avatar is successfully selected and becomes an overnight Superstar in the music industry, their GOF avatar NFT shall increase many times over. Who wouldn’t want to own an Avatar that just got featured on a music video that went viral? I know I would.

Chris: Furthermore, what is the price of each GOF NFT? How much is gas?

Eu: The GOF Avatar NFT is priced at 0.18ETH. Gas will be based on the day itself. However, to prevent gas wars we have implemented a whitelist presale that will be happening on the 18th of Feb and the Public Sale on the 22nd of Feb,

Chris: The GOF NFTs will emerge to become celebs. What is the roadmap of GOF?

Eu: Our roadmap is pretty extensive and is detailed on our website. However, to share a part of it. After the mint, we will be focusing on doing the reveal of the NFTs. Those who participate in the initial pre-sale will be given the opportunity to vote on which Warner Music’s GOF avatar will be their first virtual superstar from ten. A music video release will be set to complete by Warner Music. Warner Music plans to scale their metaverse talent pool with GOF to more than 100. That opens up opportunities for other GOF avatar owners to have their avatars to be selected to be the next Warner Music’s Superstar musician.

Later, there will be the Webtoon release which will act as the 2nd NFT drop, every page of the webtoon shall be individual NFT art and that will then be turned into an Anime series which will be co-produced by Yeah1 and GOF. Yeah1 Network is the largest multi-channel network in Asia and has strong production and distribution channels worldwide. So again we see incoming revenues of IPs and royalties.

There’s just so much that we have planned way into 2022 and 2023 for GOF. 

Chris: Are you also planning to have a presale?

Eu: Yes, our pre-sale will be on the 18th of Feb. The first Public Sale is on the 22nd of Feb.

Chris: Moreover, how does one get themselves on the whitelist? How many whitelist spots are open for the public?

Eu: We have made several ways for the community to get themselves onto the whitelist and is explained on our discord, either by getting levels through interactions on discord, invites to the server or by server boosting. We created multiple ways as we felt that there are some who are more comfortable doing certain tasks that some are not. We also do giveaways via our Twitter channel.

On top of that, just for the NFTCalendar community here, we will provide 50 whitelist spots to your readers and we will be doing a raffle to select them. All they have to do is open a ticket on our discord channel, start a support-ticket and send this code: BECOMEAGUARDIAN by the 16th of February.

Chris: Finally, you state that the GOF avatars can be the next Top virtual model. How?

Eu: GOF avatars are fashion models so definitely GOF is set to partner fashion brands and also be doing commercials and virtual runway shows. GOF avatar owners shall be earning from projects that their avatars are involved in. 

Most importantly, GOF is truly a unique and commercially viable NFT project because it is based on the business of talents, modeling and entertainment business. No other NFT project has this model for monetization. The most popular monetization projects today are game-fi but GOF is real Business in the NFT world. This project is about remaining relevant, sustainability and scalability for the long haul.

Chris: How do the GOF avatar owners benefit?

Eu: All commercial projects in partnership with Warner Music and Yeah1 shall bring international attention and throngs of music and anime fans to GOF. That shall likely increase the value of the GOF NFTs.