Chris Chris 22.11.2022

Earn High-Yield Returns Just by Holding PHNX Token in Your Wallet β€” Creator's Interview

The Phenix Finance project is an initiative led by a team of committed, experienced, and community-driven people that has a high focus on delivering easy methods of rewards and Defi services to project and business owners in the crypto space.

The team has three core members (Jake Akira, Henky), one Team Manager (Philippe), and a team of highly qualified Admins and Moderates.

Phenix Finance started on Cronos Chain with their 66666% Just Hold and Earn APY token. 

The first Flaming Phenix Club collection was launched on Cronos Chain. After the cross-chain extension of Phenix Finance to Polygon Chain, a new collection of Flaming Phenix Club NFTs will be accessible on Polygon Chain. 

Chris: Hi there! Thanks for doing the interview! So a prestigious collection of 6,666 stunningly beautiful, fiery, and unique creatures. Can you elaborate on this? 

FPC team: The Phenix NFT Series (Flaming Phenix Club) is an ecosystem-based, Non-fungible token collection on the CRONOS chain and Polygon chain, that aims to provide powerful utility within the Phenix Finance Ecosystem.

Besides being advantageous and valuable assets in the Phenix Finance Ecosystem, the Phenix NFT Series will illustrate a powerful collection of 6,666 stunningly beautiful, fiery, and unique creatures that will make their mark within the Polygon NFT Space.

Chris: Great. And how did you all come together to bring this collection to life? 

FPC team: Our focus is to release high-quality, beautiful, fiery NFTs, focusing on many utilities for the holders.

Chris: Any exclusive benefits holders will enjoy? 

FPC team: All Flaming Phenix Club NFT holders can stake their NFTs in a unique and high-reward staking pool. The NFTs will not leave your wallet during staking. This increased safety without losing your ownership. 

For every Flaming Phenix Club NFT, holders can access free weekly mystery boxes. This is next to the high-reward staking pool.

Our Flaming Phenix Club NFTs will have benefits in our Phenix Finance lotto pool, give early access to our NFT holders, and much more. 

Chris: What are the key dates to remember? 

FPC team: The Flaming Phenix Club NFTs will be available on 25th November at 22:15 UTC (early access WL) and 22:30 UTC for non-WL holders. 

Minting will be possible directly from our DAPP. The DAPP can be found on our website.

Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

Chris: Got it. What are some exciting plans on your roadmap? 

FPC team: The NFT staking will be available during the minting process. The Mystery boxes will be live on Polygon during the upcoming weeks. Our new lotto pool will be available during a three weeks timeframe. 

Chris: Tell us about the Phenix Finance Ecosystem.

FPC team: Phenix Finance offers 66666% Just Hold and Earn APY. The project is very successful on Cronos Chain and expanded to Polygon Network.

Next to the Just Hold and Earn RX3 protocol, Phenix Finance offers mystery boxes, KYC as a service for Project owners, and Multi sig as a service.

The Flaming Club NFTs generate passive income with the high reward staking pool and weekly mystery boxes.

Upcoming are the Phenix vaults, Payroll system, and Phenix DEX.

Chris: Thanks a bunch! Last word for our readers? 

FPC team: Please mark your calendars and mint your Flaming Phenix Club NFTs on 25th November on our DAPP (polygon Chain)