FIFA and Upland Metaverse to Bring the World Cup 2022 to VR

The world's soccer governing body FIFA is preparing some specialties for web3 rooters foreseeing the most anticipated event of the year – the World Cup in Qatar. Thus, FIFA joins efforts with the metaverse developer Upland to deliver the high-spirited Qatar 2022 environment to users in a highly-detailed VR space.

As part of the multi-year partnership, FIFA will allow soccer fans to collect, trade, and hold soccer-themed digital memorabilia, as well as try gamified experiences in the largest open metaverse, like two peas in a stock resembling the real locations. Thus, celebrating the World Cup, over 3 million users will get access to a meticulously detailed virtual replica of the Lusail Stadium, the World Cup village, branded shops, and showrooms. 

The Qatar 2022 metaverse will be gamified, allowing soccer fans to collect and trade both items and moments in the form of NFTs. Players will be able to purchase land plots, build neighborhoods, as well as create companies and attractions there so as to get revenue.

Upland also has plans to roll out a collection game for fans, with a limited number of mystery sets of different rarity tiers. These include team crests, boots, tees, and retro logos, posters, and mascots of 32 nations participating in this year's tournament.

While the long-term partnership with EA Sports has finished, FIFA is also launching two casual games: AI League, by Altered State Machine, and a trading card game dubbed Matchday challenge. Finally, soccer rooters will also be introduced to a fan engagement app called Phygtlis. The application will offer users to purchase a fragment of a digital soccer ball, which is used to store the thrilling moments from past games as videos or pictures.

No other world competition unites countries and people worldwide quite like the FIFA World Cup. We’re excited to create a multi-touch web3 experience showcasing fun, innovation, entrepreneurialism, and community as the first of many opportunities in the future of FIFA World Cups, where fans can now collect, own, and share a real moment in history,” Upland Co-Founder and Co-CEO Dirk Lueth announced

Thus, FIFA continues its web3 expansion, delivering even more fantastic immersive experiences to the fans. After the partnership with Roblox, the launch of Algorand-driven FIFA+Collect NFT collectibles, and other web3 initiatives, the Qatar 2022 launch on November 20th promises to become a never-before-seen soccer-themed journey.