Unifred Unifred 05.05.2023

Cryptoys Unveils Star Wars-Themed Digital Collectibles in Honor of May 4th

Web3-focused toy company Cryptoys has launched a new line of digital collectibles for the epic Star Wars franchise. The collection, brewed with Walt Disney, will commemorate Star Wars Day, May the Fourth (May 4th).

The Star Wars virtual toy collectibles will feature 15 limited-editions of major characters within the franchise, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Princess Leia. Each character comes in five different styles and various rarity tiers. 

To keep fans in suspense and further spice up the surprise, Cryptoys will put each collectible in a digital Holocron, a blind box representing the data storage device used within the franchise. It means that Star Wars fans will know which character they got only after unpacking the Holocron. 

The Star Wars digital toy collection will be launched on the Flow blockchain on May 24th with each digital collectible priced at $39.99. With non-crypto natives in mind, members of the Star Wars fandom can partake in the drop by purchasing with their credit and debit cards.

Notably, this is not the first NFT initiative by Cryptoys. Last year, the digital toy-making company partnered with Mattel to debut an NFT collection dubbed Masters of the Universe (MOTU). The collection was created as a tribute to the MOTU media franchise produced by Mattel.

Cryptoys' latest endeavor in the Star Wars community shows the company's unswerving commitment to building the non-fungible realm. With Star Wars being a series that has captivated fans globally since 1977, the digital toys for the community are expected to sell out quickly.

May the Fourth be with you as you partake in the upcoming drop!