Chris Chris 15.12.2022

We Want to Reflect Freedom as Pixel Design With Our Own Designs β€” Creator's Interview

Crypto Boob Lovers is a limited collection of 10k unique NFTs - exclusive digital art collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. Each piece is handcrafted artwork in a pixel illustration style. 

This colourful collection is dedicated to women seeking their rights and freedoms in the events in Iran. We wanted to reflect this freedom as pixel design with our own designs.

Chris: Does CBL collection has different traits and features ?

CBL team: We have 92 traits on our collection and Traits range from: Mouth + accessories, Necklaces, Jackets , Hair and hats Skin Colours.

Chris: What is the difference of this NFT collection?

CBL team: This collection has a design with purpose. Free thoughts were made in the name of a revolutionary movement. We wanted to show this with our designs. So Women can be more stronger with their ideas and choices at there.

Chris: Can you tell us about your team?

CBL team: We're group of artist from middle east. The collection is a result of the whole team’s hard work, in terms of concept and art direction. We seen so much violence and inequality around women. After that we created our collection around them.

Chris: What do you think our readers should know in general as far as your collection goes?

CBL team: Our priority is to always be an open group.Our primary goal is to make women's freedoms and voices heard outside of the collection. We should use technology in every way, blockchain is one of the important places for this.

Chris: How big a role does the community play in your business?

CBL team: We see our community as a world where women are equal. This is the primary purpose of the collection and the community is the most important part of it.