Azuki Reveals Its Immersive Hilumia Metaverse City for NFT Holders

The LA-based web3 company Chiru Labs which stands behind the world's most successful anime-inspired NFT project Azuki is now coming up with its new metaverse initiative. The big announcement is timed to Azuki's first-ever anniversary celebration.

Thus, to honor the big date, Chiru Labs is launching its own community-created metaverse city dubbed Azuki Hilumia: Crossroads of the Garden. This new world represents the community's past, present, and future, providing holders with a fun, engaging way to the company's achievements and plans down the roadmap.

Built by the Azuki NFT team, Hilumia opens several unrivaled virtual locations in front of Azuki and Beanz NFT owners. Those include The Slowpoke’s Toy Haven, Hill Hall, 56 Fitness Center, 9 Lives Arcade, Ember Square, and Moda. Additionally, themed locations, such as Golden Skate Park, Love Island, and Garden Express offer visitors to submit their ideas for Hilumia development. Each of the worlds available aims to become a unique metaverse experience with its own music accompaniments, vibrant locations, and detailed sound effects.

Thus, the new virtual city unveils a truly immersive experience, available on Azuki's official website. Upon entering the Hilumia hub, users can also interact with each other, sharing their ideas among themselves and the Azuki team. Additionally, this ever-evolving space is set to become a perfect place for holding the upcoming metaverse events for the Azuki community. 

Plunge yourself into the hyper-immersive vibrant atmosphere of Hilumia, as it has all chances to become one of the most history-making metaverse spaces in the NFT world.

Azuki is a mega-popular digital brand that primarily stands out with 10,000 anime-inspired avatars. This NFT collection is rightfully called one of the largest brands in the metaverse. Recently Azuki NFT holders have been airdropped Azuki Beanz NFTs at the community's private event at NFT LA 2022. Additionally, among the numerous brand's achievements is placing the Azuki NFT character on Formula One race cars for the first time in history.