Chris Chris 24.03.2022

Each Holder will receive an alien NFT and Physical alien miniature Unique to their Planet — Creator's Interview

Greetings, NFT fans! My guest today is Kevin Kalb (@67Kevin) — Co-founder, Digital Artist, NFT YouTuber of Arkai Infinity.

Professional Background: Tech StartUp Developer/Designer at Min Max Mobile App, Videographer at Microsoft.

Chris: The Arkai Infinity NFT brings in tangible as well as digital collectibles to its owners. What is the concept of the NFT? Please explain in detail.

Kevin: The concept behind Arkai Infinity is to bridge tangible and digital art using NFTs. I love my NFTs but they disappear in my wallet. When I'd prefer to have the digital art along with a physical representation; whether that's a miniature, framed print or something more unique representing my NFT in the real world. To bridge the meta-verse with the real world, Arkai Infinity NFTs are created by filming the 1/1 handmade planet miniature the NFT unlocks. 

We spend time crafting the physical art first. Making each Arkai NFT token tied to a real world 1/1 tangible collectible. Each planet is handcrafted one at a time by the talented Planet Lord Aaron Maes. Then Danny Golden and I film each real world planet to develop the NFT art. The planets are made out of 3 inch metal spheres. The Planet Lord adds texture to the planets by dunking them in chemicals, grinding, shooting and hammering. Then hand painting and crafting a stand for each planet to spin on like a globe.

Chris: Interesting, so what are going to be the contents of the Loot Crate? Would you like to reveal some of it here?

Kevin: Arkai Infinity NFTs unlock the matching planet miniature along with a subscription box membership curated to NFT collectors. These real life loot crates drop regularly as long as you hold an Arkai NFT.  The loot crates are funded by a percentage of each initial sale and royalties from secondary sales. Each Arkai Infinity NFT holder may vote on the contents they wish to see inside their loot crate. Options include physical representations of the art in their NFT collection, NFT related merchandise, wrist fire shooters and other novelty items voted on and suggested by Arkai Infinity NFT holders. To see some of the potential future loot crate contents. Join our discord and go to #loot-box-voting.

Chris: More importantly, what will be the features of the digital NFT masterpiece? How would the planets look different in each of the 588 planet miniatures? You have videos that detail every aspect of the NFT. Please share them here.

Kevin: There are 8 planet types varying in rarity, water planets being the rarest. The methods used to create planet textures result in unique outcomes every time, organically creating one of a kind features to each planet. Aaron then hand paints every alien world uniquely. The planets hold unique amounts of resources under the levels section. These resources will be impactful in the future.

Chris: So, what is the minting date for Arkai Infinity NFT? Do you also have a presale or a whitelist?

Kevin: We have 21 planets currently available on OpenSea.

We plan to drop more Arkai Infinity Planets three months from now on June 22, 2022. Since this is a one of one art collection, a limited number of planets will ever be created. 

If you would like to reserve a planet from an upcoming drop email us or direct message me on Twitter @67Kevin1 or any of the team on Discord @67Kevin @Goldencio @planet lord 

Chris: Similarly, what will be the cost of one Arkai Infinity NFT? Do rare tokens bear higher prices?

Kevin: Currently all Arkai Infinity Alien Planets NFTs are available on OpenSea for .1 Ethereum.

Chris: What would be the minting process for Arkai Infinity NFT? Please lay down a step-by-step procedure for first-time investors.

Kevin: To invest in an Arkai Infinity NFT, use Ethereum and purchase on OpenSea, after purchasing your NFT verify ownership of your NFT in the Arkai Infinity Discord under #verify to receive the matching planet miniature. (Only one planet miniature is redeemable per NFT).

Chris: In the end, what is the plan for Arkai Infinity NFT in the next 6 months? How do you plan to make the token popular in the metaverse?

Kevin: In the upcoming months Arkai Infinity will be focusing on growing a strong, tight knit community of us aliens. We are the Loot Crate of the NFT world. Curating to NFT collectors that have an itch for tangible art representing their NFTs. After the first 21 planets have been collected, loot crates will begin to drop to all verified holders.The future of Arkai Infinity and the loot crates is determined by the community and their votes. 

To each planet, aliens will be born. Each Arkai Infinity Planet holder will receive an alien NFT and physical alien miniature unique to their planet. In the farther reaching roadmap, the Arkai Infinity Alien NFTs will act as ai gladiators in a fantasy football style P2E game.