McDonald's Applies for Patents Concerning BlockchainTech to Open Metaverse Restaurants

Although hundreds of brands have joined Meta in recent days, the American restaurant chain McDonald's was in no haste to follow their example. Moreover, after McDo had poked fun at crypto investors, its attempt to go crypto sounded ridiculous. All in all, surprising though it may seem, the king of fast food has just changed its mind.

Recently, it became known that McDonald's including McCafe has filed for 10 trademark applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office concerning web3 payments and the metaverse in whole.

One of the trademarks was for "virtual food and beverage products," including NFTs, while another included "operating a virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery." It also trademarked entertainment services and events under the McDonald's and McCafe brands, including "online actual and virtual concerts."

The idea behind the project was described perfectly by the trademark lawyer Josh Gerben on his Twitter post: "You are hanging out in the metaverse and get hungry. You don't have to put down your headset. You walk into a McDonald's and place an order. It arrives at your door a little while late.

Despite a rather prolonged trademarks approval process, the US Patent and Trademark Office has no reasons to decline the applications. Thus, McDonald's may open its 1st fast-food chain Metaverse restaurant in about 8-9 months.

Are you waiting for the grand VR opening?