36 NFT collections launched on the 2nd of October 2021

The Aliens Carnival Party

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

The Aliens Carnival Party is a non-fungible token deployed on Polygon chain. Only offer 1950 unique Aliens for minting. Additional ones never will be issues to ensure their value. The...

NFTcow Collection

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

The NFTcow collection consist of a yet undefined number of 1-of-1, unique, hand-crafted 1100x1100 pixel NFTs showcasing cows in various environments. They are released one a day on the Polygon...


Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

Gangaroos allows buyers to either do a traditional mint where you get a randomly generated gangaroo, or customize your own through our website! You decide the rarity.

🍌Smart Bananas🍌 GIVEAWAY

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 02, 2021

Win 100$ l 36 HOURS and a Smart Banana!

Earn Passive Income By Holding A Smart Banana

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Quack Quack Rubber Duck

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 03, 2021

10,000 cute and unique QQRD were algorithmically generated and stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

To celebrate the launch of the QQRD, we are hosting a FREE NFT...

Geometric Minimal Series 1 By FoE

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 04, 2021

Geometric Minimal Series 1

A 9 part series and the 1st collection of 47, under Experiment 939 by the Digital Artist FoE.

7 of 9 pieces are still available, from...


Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 10, 2021

A Collection Of 5000 Banana's Is Creatively Designed And Randomly Generated.

Cosmos Conquest – The P2E NFT Game (Nebula Conqueror – Phase#1)

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 12, 2021

The Nebula Conqueror is a 10,000 NFT series of space Avatars that will be used as characters in our cosmos conquest browser P2E game.

Let's explain the basics of the...

Auction – Paint FAR OFF GALAXY – Santiago Picatoste

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 08, 2021

"Comic Abstraction >> Image - Breaking, Image - Making". This year 2021, full of emotions, experiences, overcoming another world crisis, is the one chosen by the artist to launch exclusively...

Baby Yodda Master Club

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

BYMC is a collection of 5,000 Baby Yodda's NFTs, on the Polygon blockchain network. Inspired by CryptoPunk's famous 24-pixel format and a famous character from a movie saga. Collect NFTs...

Neon Society

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

Neon Society is a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs. The 1st generation consists of 9696 randomly assembled Neons from over 400 traits. Neons are stored as ERC-721 tokens on...

Lazy Basketball Players Club

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

Welcome to the Lazy Basketball Players Club. A collection of 7,777 unique Basketball Player NFTs. Digital collectibles roaming on the super-fast Polygon blockchain. You never know who you are going...


Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

Expandable collection composed of 200 wolves NFTs. Floor price is 0.001 eth.

Using polygon blockchain so no gas fees. When we will grow we'll add new animals.

When a Flower Grows

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

One of my artworks from 2020 named "When a Flower Grows" painted by digital technique. It is a symbol of Love represented in nature.


Bunny Buds Mint

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 02, 2021

Help defend cuteness throughout the universe.

Alien forces have invaded the previously peaceful planet of Cutelandia, home of the benevolent Bunny Buds. Forced to battle for their lives against robot...

Fox Gang Nft – Launch Pre-sale 10 October 2021

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 02, 2021

Fox Gang are a collection of randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum-compatible Polygon (POS) Network. They are made up of 9,999 Foxes assembled by over 220+ traits and with 6,580,720...

Yak Pack

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

Yak Pack is a set of collectible Yak NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yaktober Begins - Initial Sale!

First batch on sale starting Oct 2nd on OpenSea. Prices start...

The #MAPES Arrived To TakeOver!

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 05, 2021

The MAPES is an exclusive collection where each MAPE shows us, in its distinct way, the non-mutual ability, on our part, of understanding our emotions. They are friendly and open-minded,...

NFTS – Non-Fungible Cool Adventurers Launch

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

NFTS – Non-Fungible Cool Adventurers are an NFT collection is launched by the Crypto NFTS team to brighten, amaze & inspire. Generated through popular demand, the creative havaens widen beyond...

Remembering the Covid-19 fallens

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 06, 2021

Where we all want to forget about COVID-19 and move on with our lives, this period of our time has left a lot of scars. As such, I have designed...

MAGA Frens Whitelist for PreSale

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 02, 2021

MAGAFrens are a group of ridiculous rednecks that stormed the capital building in the most deadly insurrection in American History!

The Damage & Chaos was so severe it created a...

PogPunks Public Launch

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

In an ecosystem where Crypto Punks rule the NFT landscape, it becomes tough to stand out, and create a derivative that can truly be unique and valuable. You may be...

Homeward Founders Pre-sale

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

Homeward is a story following a group of elite warriors stranded in a faraway land. This tribe of warriors calls themselves ‘The Keepers’ as they are — quite literally —...

Generative Adversarial Network Official Launch

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 08, 2021

GAN or Generative Adversarial Network refers to a code-based digital art practice that works thanks to the computer's ability to create complex visual forms after absorbing "data sets" of images....

AlexJenkinsArtΒ NFTs

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 02, 2021

The AlexJenkinsArt NFTs is a collection of up to 1600 NFTs on the Ethereum/Blockchain

Hello! My name is Alex Jenkins and I'm an illustrator and cartoonist from South London.


Undead Pixel Monks – Generation 3

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 02, 2021

Generation 1 and 2 of our Undead Pixel Monks NFTs sold out in just a few minutes, so we’re excited to announce that generation 3 will drop on 2 October...

Solana Crypto Froggies Drop

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 02, 2021

Welcome to the world of Crypto Froggies, a future online MMORPG where your character is a fully upgradable NFT living on the Solana blockchain!

Battle fierce creatures or spend your...

The Coven Season I

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 03, 2021

The coven collection is a unique collection of historical witches with a modern twist. Each witch is reimagined for the 21st century. Season I focuses on the Pendle witches, with...

SpaceWalker NFT Collection Drop

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 03, 2021

SpaceWalker is the first algorithmically generated NFT collection by Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator Josh Seth Blake aka jay

SpaceWalker is the first algorithmically generated NFT collection by Los Angeles-based...

PeopleNotPunks NFT Drop

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 02, 2021

Elephant presents People Not Punks!

Blockchain's first LGBTQ+ NFTs. A limited collection of 500 inclusive pixelated people from all walks of life.

Over 70 skin tones, LGBTQ+ inclusive gender identities,...

My Bear Club

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

5,000 MyBears will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Every week around 200 MyBears will be released randomly every Wednesday and Thursday. 

Where The Mafia Meets The Crypto World: Crypto Cosa Nostra!

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 02, 2021


Lucky Foxes Club

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 03, 2021
WELCOME TO THE LUCKY FOXES CLUB!   Lucky Foxes Club is a collection of 10,000 NFT unique digital collectibles living on the ETH blockchain. We are the FIRST NFT art...

Nifty Teddy

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 03, 2021

Collection of 10,000 NFT bears. Very cute digital teddy bear NFTs in any wallet. Bears vary in rarity and add to collectors' value. The roadmap will have Nifty Teddy Giveaway...

Football Gods

Oct 02, 2021 – Oct 09, 2021

Unique digital hand-painted pieces of work of famous footballers, using various brush techniques and colors inspired by Fauvist artists, color-intense pieces with abstract elements in each.