Remembering the Covid-19 fallens

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October 02, 2021 – October 06, 2021





Where we all want to forget about COVID-19 and move on with our lives, this period of our time has left a lot of scars. As such, I have designed a collection of NFTs that are country-themed in honor of the people that have fallen to COVID-19 in that country.

Those are a series of unique canvas blending a country landmark, a local person wearing a face mask and the embedded number of people that have fallen from COVID-19 in that country at the time when the NFT was minted.

Each canvas is available as unique art and are 300dpi resolution in CMYK colors. Each canvas is also digitally watermarked using an official Digimarc.

I will be making one canvas for each of the country in the world.

This is a unique collection, I will not make another canvas for a country that I have already created a canvas for.

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