Voxel-Gen : Console Geko

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January 08, 2022 – January 15, 2022





The first Voxel-Gen clubhouse collection is the Console Geko Collection.

This collection focuses on the most iconic consoles created from the 1990’s to the current era 2021 creating a visual story line of the evolution of these consoles. The idea behind this collection is to bring a nostalgic feeling when looking at our NFTS bringing you back to your childhood as some of you may have already upgraded you gaming stations this is your chance own your favourite consoles locked in time. We plan to also implement all our creations in the meta verse enabling our members to own these items in their digital worlds i.e., Sandbox.

We have broken down the collections into 5 categories.

Original – mint 5/5 available - $25 Rare mint 2/2 available - $80 Ultra-Rare mint 1/1 available - $150 Extremely rare - mint 1/1 available - $300 - $400 Special Guests - mint 1/1 available - $400 -$600



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