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January 27, 2022 – February 03, 2022





The Republik is a play-to-earn games studio investing in IP. It acts as our virtual world set in the 27th century:

'Only one city has survived, the city that protects what's left of mankind - shelter to lost souls and powerful clans, it also conceals dark truths. Our Heroes take you on their journey, fighting to transcend the rules of a corrupt society in a parallel future - reclaiming the city by navigating its districts, gangs and overbearing technology.'

On January 3rd we launched whitelisting for our first NFT collection - The Hero NFT with the public sale set for 27th January. Our first game 'Awakening' is set to be released in Feb 2022 and is an interactive treasure hunt that doubles up as a way to really understand the universe the Republik is set in. 'Awakening' has a prize pool of 25 ETH.

The Hero NFT will give holders many benefits, short term and long term:

7,575 unique comic-style NFTs

  • 5 rarity tiers

  • $100k prize pool

  • 4 super rare golden versions

Holding a Hero NFT enables you to:

  • Stake $LXM

  • Voting rights (DAO)

  • Free Republik airdrops

  • Breed your own character

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