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October 19, 2023 – October 26, 2023







Admirers of abstract art, symbolism, and artistic metaphors will definitely love the NFT initiative by Jimena Buena Vida! 

Jimena, a generative artist, and tech-savvy individual, drops the collection of two digital artworks, ‘Unbecoming’ and ‘Totality’ on OpenSea. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these pieces serve as the key to unlocking the untold, namely understanding the complexities of our emotional selves.
'Unbecoming', the main NFT artwork in the series, explores the transformative power of change. A graceful deconstruction of geometric forms reveals the underlying beauty, symbolizing the art of crafting room for new beginnings. 'Totality' NFT represents new views, and experiences, serving as a celebration of fresh perspectives and the allure of imperfection. 

'Unbecoming’ will be minted at 0.019 ETH as an Open Edition on OpenSea with the mint open to everyone. ‘Totality’ NFT artwork will be airdropped to holders of the Audio Galleries Mint Pass who have minted the ‘Unbecoming’ piece. 

Jimena Buena Vida is a TIMEPieces artist and a member of the Artist in Residency at Bright Moments. Her distinct artworks are known across the globe, having appeared on Times Square's billboards and embellished spaces in Spain, Colombia, Brazil, and China.

The artist invites viewers and collectors on a personal journey of interpretation and unlocking the potential of artistic expression to convey the unspoken truths of our human experience.Add a vibrant and meaningful NFT by Jimena Buena Vida to your collections!

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