Timmy Trumpet's Trumpet Is a 1:1 NFT

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February 22, 2022 – February 25, 2022




After 18 months in production, the multi-platinum DJ Timmy Trumpet is breaking the limits between digital and physical by launching his 1:1 ETERNAL NFT. The globally-renowned DJ and Origin Story have partnered to hold a tremendous auction of only one but because of that no less exclusive token. 

Timmy Trumpet's ETERNAL NFT is an immersive key to the benefits of the metaverse and IRL opportunities provided by the music superstar. Thus, the winning bidder will be rewarded with the following exclusives:

  • private-jet transportation with DJ Timmy Trumpet to two of the world's most massive music festivals
  • taking possession of the musician's most valued, the one-of-its-kind custom-made trumpet insured for $1,000,000

The second perk is the most precious for Timmy and his avid fans as well. The honored DJ and his until recently unchanged partner, the trumpet, have traveled throughout the globe, performed for over 100 million people, visited numerous festivals, including UNTOLD, AMF, and Tomorrowland. The DJ's live performances collect over a billion views.

The famous trumpet is backed by a Mattereum Asset Passport, a ledger of decentralized smart contracts verifying the authenticity of the physical item. Only the ETERNAL Passport holder can be provided with exclusive access to the million-dollar-valued instrument. 

I wanted to make my first NFT my most valued possession. It’s been my lifelong dream to one day have my own custom trumpet made just for me. My father taught me how to play, his father taught him. There is nothing more personal to me,” Timmy Trumpet confirmed the instrument's uniqueness.

Foreseeing the NFT events of 2022, Timmy is setting his foot on utility-driven projects with the ETERNAL at the frontline. Soon after his first NFT auction, the stellar DJ promises to reveal a metaverse megaproject that is fully executed and ready to drop.

The ETERNAL NFT auction started on February 22 on Origin Protocol and will be running for 72 hours. Don't oversleep!

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