The Lightbulb Man

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May 07, 2023 – May 14, 2023





The Lightbulb Man: WAT Collection:

The LBM collection communicates substance use and how it can work in both good and bad ways, the WAT collection is the 2nd drop and offers an insight to WAT could be when you get “juiced up”.
It features never-before-seen art from Bjarne Melgaard, one of Norway's most significant artists who has a cult-like status complete with a global following of fine art collectors and degens alike.
WAT collection compliments the OG collection as existing LBM holders are guaranteed to find their LBM’s twin - juiced up on WAT.

Artist: Bjarne Melgaard, qouted to be "Norway's most significant international artist since Edvard Munch"
A paradigm disruptor & art rebel, celebrated by prestigious institutions such as: MoMA, Astrup Fearnley, MARTa Herford, and S.M.A.K. Featured in The New York Times and BBC, yet his works are often vandalized, reported, and censored.
Physical artwork by Melgaard cost many times more than his NFTs which has resulted in diamond hands amongst holders and just 1% of OG collection listed on OS!

Illusive roadmap posted on Discord with a focus around “three is the magic number” and “whats that falling from the sky”. This means that the WAT collection will have just as many surprises in store for its holders as the OG collection had, if not more!

Why this is one to watch:
World renowned artist with cult following.
Solid Web3 team with proven track record of overdelivering.
Existing LBM holders will be eager to secure their LBM's twin, if you mint it then there may be a deal to be struck! 
An incredible opportunity to get your hands on epic, unique, and highly collectible digital art that is collected by lovers of contemporary art.

WL is through Premint Raffle:
Overallocation allowed as to ensure its fair entry for everybody.

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