The Inexplicable Nature by Pulkit Kudiwal

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June 30, 2021 – July 01, 2021





On June 30th, self-taught 2D and 3D artist Pulkit Kudiwal comes to with an NFT Collection, titled ‘The Inexplicable Nature’.

He has been working as a digital artist for 4 years and has already been featured by Adobe Photoshop, Bored Panda, Expert Photography, Hindustan Times, and others.

The artist says that he ‘turns his imagination into reality’. Using Photoshop and Blender, Pulkit creates incredible, fantastic worlds.

‘The Inexplicable Nature’, dropping on, is a series of exclusive artworks that tell a unique story of unexplainable formations in mother nature. Each piece within the collection calls out emotions and can be interpreted in the viewer’s own way.

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