The Flying Fish – Finale by Murat Saygıner

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June 24, 2021 – June 25, 2021






On June 24th, motion designer, filmmaker, photographer, and composer Murat Saygıner drops the last short film within ‘The Flying Fish’ NFT Series. For the last six weeks, Murat has dropped six short films on MakersPlace: 'Purple Dreams', 'The Court of Conscience', 'Dust', 'Extremes', 'Ratio', 'Exile'.

By the way, 'Extremes' short film was sold for $12,541.21, and ‘Ratio’ was sold for $9,825.35!

Murat drops his seventh short film within the series this week. All of them revolve around alternative states of the human condition and are nothing short of masterpieces.

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