The Bone Lightning Bunch

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December 08, 2023 – December 15, 2023


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Bitcoin Ordinals

FelmoLabs Brings the Bone Lightning Bunch NFT collection. A blend of fashion and Chemistry with over 35 years experience. We blend the two for a unique outcome that is based from one of our old Logo designs that did not make the cut nearly 40 years ago. We are rejuvinating this into never-before seen art work. The concept is very simple, the project is art dominated and carrys No useless utility! The theme is based around our electric skeleton that commands the collection. The Bone Lightning Bunch is different from your standard collections in an abundance of ways. We have no utility other than to be visually appealing. Each trait has a story behind it and the story of Felmo is ingrained within all traits. The collection also has a very low number of traits, 3 to be precise. This is done intentionally, to signify and represent the 3 main project leaders/ creators. There will be over 150 traits in total and are actively reaching out to the community to contribute their own, so there will be no shortage of variety! The collection will be 10,000 strong and will be launched on the Bitcoin Ordinals chain. FelmoLabs will also be aiming to develop a virtual merchandise experience, whereby holders can interact and vote on upcoming merchandise/ fashion garments and have a say in what they would like to see. Who knows where the Lightning will take us! Wrap up because A Storm Is Coming   

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