Skull Coin

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January 06, 2023 – January 13, 2023







Full Commercial Rights
Skull Coin owners have full commercial rights to the art in their owned wallets.

Merchandising, Derivatives, and Commercial Use
There are no monetary limits on earnings on merchandise, derivatives or other commercial uses.

Copyright Transfer
It is our opinion that a blockchain transaction satisfies the legal requirement for copyright transfer. So copyright ownership of each individual image is adjudicated by the Polygon address for which the non-fungible token (NFT) of that image is assigned. Upon transfer or sale of the NFT to a new owner, the previous owner gives up all claims to the copyright.


Mintage of  1 - 1.000 NFT priced at 1 Matic.
Mintage of  1.001- 2.000 NFT priced at 2 Matic.
Mintage of  2.001- 3.000 NFT priced at 3 Matic.
Mintage of  3.001- 4.000 NFT priced at 4 Matic.
Mintage of  4.001- 5.000 NFT priced at 5 Matic.
Mintage of  5.001- 6.000 NFT priced at 6 Matic.
Mintage of  6.001- 7.000 NFT priced at 7 Matic.
Mintage of  7.001- 8.000 NFT priced at 8 Matic.
Mintage of  8.001- 9.000 NFT priced at 9 Matic.
Mintage of  9.001- 10.000 NFT priced at 10 Matic.

Once the portal is open with the 10,000 minted nfts, the 10,000 APES Coin will return, which will be minted at an initial price of 10 matic, the 100 Skull Coin owners with the most tokens will obtain Apes Coin as gifts.

Once all the Skull Coins and Apes Coins have been minted, the "S-A Coin" will be created.

Minted all the Skull Coin and the Apes Coin and with the Coin "S-A Coin" in circulation, the game Skull Vs Apes will be created.

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