Sirens Gallery - Charity NFT Sale for Ukraine

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June 24, 2022 – July 01, 2022





The first thing many Ukrainians heard across the country in the early morning of February 24th were air raid sirens. Russia had started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Now, it’s been almost 4 months since the beginning of the war, and, unfortunately, we have a humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes.

Sirens Gallery is a charity NFT project, created to raise money for humanitarian aid and remind the foreign audience that the war isn’t over yet.  

Sirens Gallery consists of more than 2000 AI-generated artworks depicting key events of the Russian full-scale war against Ukraine. 1,991 artworks will be exhibited and available for purchase as NFTs at Sirens Gallery. 

All of the funds raised via Sirens Gallery initiative will be donated to the largest Ukrainian funds and The funds crypto wallets are integrated into a smart contract of the NFT sales, meaning the money will be transferred to the funds directly.

Buy NFT, help Ukraine. 

The first Sirens Gallery NFT Sale will be on June 24th at 10:00 UTC. You will find the link on our website.

There will be 3 sales:

24.06 - sale of 661 NFTs

01.07 - sale of 661 NFTs

08.07 - sale of 669 NFTs

The first two sales will be on OpenSea

The third one will be on Paras

Every one of us can help war victims. Your donations may be what makes a difference and will help them to survive!


Editor note:
This project claims to raise money for providing financial aid to Ukraine which is now suffering from Russian aggression.
Please note that you are sending money to a third party whose further actions are out of our control. NFT Calendar can't guarantee that funds will be sent to the charitable organisations.
If you are willing to directly support Ukraine with crypto, we have created a list of funds you can donate to.

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