BitChick - Public Minting

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June 19, 2022 – June 26, 2022





BitChick is a crypto enthusiast and nature lover. This is a collection of her unique styling choices.

3333 unique BitChick styles with eye-catching, high-quality, hand-drawn assets.

No whitelisting - equal grounds. No phases, complex requirements or full-time engagements on your side.

222 tokens priced at 0 MATIC and mint limit 1 per wallet. After that price is 50 MATIC and mint limit is lifted.

We wish to generate positive impact by providing you with high-quality artworks, giving back to the community and donating to charities:

 1. Regularly distribute a portion of net revenue back to token holders.
 2. Regularly distribute a portion of net revenue to nature and wildlife conservation initiatives.
 3. Create exciting new artworks.

Tags: #art

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