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February 22, 2022 – March 01, 2022





RiseUpxSyon is a unique new NFT project that aims to create a large, sustainable real world impact. Offering one of the first true conceptual art collections in the NFT space, Rise Up is focused on benefiting Croatian children’s hospitals in ways that set it apart from traditional funding approaches.

1920x1080 pixels, the common format in which we consume media. A screen in blue, the color of order. Running down the screen, a single pixel wide line in red, the color of individuality. Designed by multimedia artist Syon, Rise Up is a unique and pioneering project of NFT conceptual art in the purest sense. Exactly 1920 pieces, 1080 pixels high, named and numbered after the pixel location of the red line. While each canvas is its own work, layering all of the pieces together produces a canvas consisting only of a magenta hue associated with cooperation, thus revealing the true meaning of Rise Up.

As a truly pioneering project, Rise Up is conceived as a blueprint for alternative funding of those critical systems which we will rely on in the physical world no matter what direction our society takes. Initially, 50% of the funds go towards Croatian children’s hospitals (including specialized children’s hospitals and also paediatric wings and neonatal units in regular hospitals). As soon as all of the artworks are sold for the first time, the project permanently switches to 100% of the funds going to children’s hospitals. Utilizing 10% fees on secondary sales, we aim to create an ongoing third party fund 100% committed to supporting an important real world system and point the public eye towards important real world applications of the NFT ecosystem. Instead of being a cash funnel that simply donates funds to children’s hospitals, Rise Up wants to maximize and have complete control over its impact – what we will give to the hospitals are concrete solutions – providing medical devices and equipping hospital wings. More importantly, separating projects by priority and having complete control over how we participate allows us to have readily available funds in high urgency projects (malfunctions due to standard wear and tear or natural disasters, unpredictable rises in patients’ need for certain procedures), creating a faster, direct alternative to crowd-funding, calls for action and charity campaigns.

Starting on February 22, all 1920 pieces will be added to OpenSea on the Polygon blockchain at a fixed price of 0.1 ETH. As per project guidelines, there will be no presale and all artworks will be publicly available from the start. We would like to invite all buyers participating in the project to choose the artwork whose pixel location corresponds to a personally significant number. When all the artworks have been sold for the first time, Rise Up will change its complete online visual presence to the magenta hue all the canvases combined would produce, giving a nod to all the pixel thin red lines that made it.

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