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February 13, 2022 – February 20, 2022





AJAVA is the ambitious NFT project, the vision of which goes beyond just collectibles. AJAVA wants to bring the new value of apes by producing Ajava Cartoon Series and Play2Earn Metaverse. That is NOT a fake roadmap; that is hard work we will encounter during all stages of our development! Therefore, we will rely on our esteemed community's support. It is the earliest stage of our development, and we would love to be supported by the OG community. 

Ajava is 7000 hand-drawn 3D cartoon apes + 1000 Founders Tickets NFT production. We would love to welcome our early partners on our first batch minting date.

Pls subscribe to our Twitter and welcome to Discord. At this time, we handle the early promotion and WL giveaways. Let us promote AJAVA together! 

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