Poppycocks Series 3

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April 01, 2024 – April 08, 2024





Our "Value" collection. Created by the Los Angeles based artist Justin Paul(owner of Poultry Arts), Poppycocks Series 3 is the 3rd and last collection of the Poppycocks saga. The 3 Poppycocks collections act as a tier system for perks; Series 1 being our top tier with the most perks of ownership, Series 2 being our middle tier with medium amount of perks, and Series 3 being our lowest tier with least amount of perks. Each NFT is backed by a real physical painting created by LA based artist Justin Paul. Cluck around and find out...

Supply: 1,000
Mint price: 0.1 ETH

Perks of ownership:

  1. First holders can redeem the physical art (8x8" watercolor on canvas)
  2. Free merch from our casual clothing line
  3. Free NFTs from future collections
  4. Guaranteed to be whitelisted for future collections

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