Planckverse Journey

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May 01, 2022 – May 08, 2022





Planckverse Journey is the firs release of the Analog Meta Experience collection.

This extremely rare artist-composition consists of 27 parts of special visual- and auditory experience. It takes you on a journey through the Metaverse entering the Planckverse.

The unique Analog Meta-visual transition is created by algorithms derived from a 50 year old composition created by the artist. The (until now) never published composition from the early 70’s was “one-time” recorded with a two-track tape recorder.

50 year old unique Analog parts now roam the distributed blockchain driven Metaverse.

Is the Metaverse ever able to reconstruct the original composition or will it be lost forever deep in the quantum units of the planckverse.

When: Sales launch May 1st  from 9:30 A.M. (CEST)

Tags: #art

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